About Us

An eagle's eye on the top notch in fashion; a comprehensive study about the latest trends; a persistent urge for nothing but the BEST. We at TREND EMPIRE, help you to possess poise and be a style icon for others to follow. We are emerging as a byword for panache and perfection.
TREND EMPIRE is not just a store but a reserve for your special styling needs. We hand pick the highest quality ingredients to prepare the “chefs recipe” for a high taste in fashion, especially for YOU! We cater to all high-end designer shirts, designer blazers and high quality formal/informal suits, trendy denims, leather shoes, cufflinks, lapels, pocket squares, leather belts, leather wallets, leather bags and other men’s accessories exclusively picked for you.
Whether уоu’rе іn tune with the latest trends or lооkіng for сlаѕѕіс pieces, we’ve gоt you соvеrеd from head-to-toe. It’s a one-stop-shop рlасе to get the most fаѕhіоnаblе mеnѕwеаr for every occasion. There is such a vast variety of chic and elegant men’s clothing to choose from to make each of your look sharp and perfect for the occasion.
Whether it is a formal meeting to leave an impression on the client or a casual day at work, we have you covered to pick your suitable look. If you are going for a date with your loved one, you can “Dress to impress” by choosing from our latest and most trendy collection. We have the most quintessential collection of club wear to choose from. Our designer shirts have a unique feature which makes it class-apart from the rest; a casual day wear shirt can be transformed to a club wear by simply folding the cuffs to display a different look of yours. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary or a yatch party, rest assured that you would find that exemplary attire, all under one roof or a click away. We make your event extraordinary for you to remember and recall all through your life.
Make that special occasion indelible by presenting your MAN with the finest gift from the wide range to choose from, that he would cherish throughout. Treat yourself with compliments on your clothing choice for your “Man” by gifting him for Valentine’s, Christmas, anniversary, birthday or your special occasion.
TREND EMPIRE is committed to provide you with all the high-end brands which cater to different clothing needs as in business, casual, formal, party wear and club wear. Our stylists help you to achieve the "look for the day" by dressing you up in terms of not just clothing but accessories, shoes and whatever else is needed for your fashionista avatar. Embrace yourself with head turning attires and be ahead of others in terms of real Fashion. Pair a shirt with our denims to get you a smart casual look or pair the same shirt with a pants to get a semi-formal look. We have a great range of blazers to choose from which make you stand out for a business or any other meeting that holds a special place for you. Add to your personality a hint of glint that others would admire by adding a touch of sophistication from our collection of accessories like cufflinks, lapels, bows, ties, pocket squares, leather wallets and leather belts. We help you to mix and match and by coordinating your accessories, you act as a magnet for fashion admirers!
For instance adding a color coordinated lapel to your blazer brings out a different aspect to your styling. We have an amazing collection of leather office bags to carry your stuff in style never accessible before to a common man. At reasonable prices you can afford the fashion look that you had desired for. Fashion is an addiction and once you start getting these high quality high-end products you would definitely get hooked with these styles brought to you by us.
As the name suggests, TREND EMPIRE is a domain where fashion flourishes. It is a firm that gives new styles and trends a platform to showcase. The products we cater:
Shirts: We carry more than a dozen of different designer brands which manufacture European high end designer shirts, suits, blazers and fine stitched clothing. From the fabric to the intricate details like buttons, fine thread, fitting, everything is given precedence. We carry sizes from XS to XXL and it is a modern fit tailored in a way to fit all sizes yet give a slim look.
Blazers: All our blazers have modern look in step with the latest styles. Wear it over a designer shirt to enhance the overall look. Our focus is always on best in fabric and best in style which keeps our product quality matchless.
Bottoms: Denims, pants, chinos and shorts, you name it and we have it all to dress it up with our Designer shirts. Match it with denims for a casual look or pants for a formal one. You would never go wrong with these exclusive pieces.
Shoes: A gentleman is known by the shoes he wears, so let us dress you up from head-to-toe. The shoe store would amaze you, as we choose the best leather shoes which are not only for style but way more comfortable. Often formal shoes can’t be worn for a very long time, but with ours you would feel the difference. The soles have wooden finishing on some of them and interior is all fine leather.
Belts: Just like a nice watch, a belt is an accessory to complete your look. Our collection is not a boring black and brown only. We have included many nice rustic shades of orange, hues of blue and other tints with chic and elegant designs.
Bows, Cufflinks & Lapels: Choose from the best accessories to mark an impression of your own.
Leather wallets: We know what a man needs to carry his cards and how to do it in great vogue. All our wallets are 100% pure leather with very fine finishing and new designs. We do have different colors which is an edge over the others.
Leather bags: Our 100% pure leather bags have distinctive elan with high quality that is durable and lasts long. You can carry your laptop bags and important documents in these stylish bags for head turning results!
A brand is established not only by the high quality product but the best customer service and we truly believe in it. We take great pride in thriving in our customer service in terms of shipping, tracking, quality, returns and price match. We ship free within USA and can expedite shipping at an affordable pricing. We ship both within USA and internationally. We offer coupons and run promotions time to time, so you would not want to miss the best deals available. Sign up with your e-mail ID to get notifications of our hottest offers and new collection for each season. In a nutshell, we value and care for our customers.
We want to make your shopping experience with us an enriching one! Stay ahead in the field of fashion with our collection, only for YOU.